Mixable Green Sea Turtles | Non Toxic Repositionable Wall Art Mural Activity Idea Kits


 New to Mixable Murals?

In a nutshell... Mixable Murals are non toxic, repositionable, colourful shapes that can be arranged on your walls in different ways to create unique and original murals. Again and again.

Easy to use and always unique. Non toxic and engaging.

Cute and colourful, Mixable Murals can be posed and repositioned on your walls again and again.

Encouraging creativity and keeping your child's space fresh, unique and always changing.

Think "Choose Your Own Adventure' for your child's wall.

 Safe For Your Home and Family

We started making Mixable Murals for our families before we imagined making them for yours.

And we knew they had to be as non toxic as possible.

All Mixable Murals are made with a breakthough PVC free woven polyester fabric printed with water based 'GREENGUARD' inks certified 'School and Children Indoor Air Quality Safe'.

Which means there is no chemical toy stink. No volatile organic compounds (VOC's). And no smelly plastic off-gassing to poison your family.

 Kids Love Mixable Murals

Toddlers will delight as you bring their walls to life.

Make their story time bigger than life. Move their Mixable Masterpieces around the house to surprise them at every turn. Play Mixable Hide-n-Seek and hear them giggle when they find their favourite friends in unexpected places.

Older children can take creative charge and make a mural of their own. See joy in their faces as they make something as unique and special as they are. Watch as they happily show off their unique creations to family and friends. Watch their focus and concentration as they work to get it "Just right.".

Every blank wall becomes a chance to delight and entertain.


 You Can Relax Because...

Mixable Murals are as non toxic as possible.

They are long lasting, durable and tear proof.

Place them on any flat surface and they won't leave any sticky residue.

And they won't damage or pull paint off any properly painted surfaces.

All Mixable Murals are 100% Guaranteed. With free return shipping if you are unhappy.

 Approx. Dimensions of Mural:

 12x9in | 30x23cm (One Sea Turtle)

Dimensions of Product:

  16x14in | 41x36cmm (One Sea Turtle)

 Our Families Our Planet...

We searched high and low for just the right manufacturer and materials to meet our highest standards.

Mixable Murals are only manufactured with eco-sensitive processes with almost zero percent waste.

Mixable Murals are also recyclable.

And just because it feels nice... The material is thick and durable and has a pleasant canvas texture.

 Creativity and Kids...

Creative play encourages children to use their imaginations, and through experimentation and hands on activity, put their ideas to the test.

Creative play stimulates mental growth as children develop problem solving and decision making abilities and exposed themselves to new ways of thinking.

Our goal is to help you inspire imagination and creativity in your kids and inspire in them a lifelong love of making new things.

Who knows? They may change the world with a single thought.





"Highly recommended!"

- Jenn N. from Jill and Jack Kids

"With fun colours, shapes and non-toxic materials, these moveable animal shapes ensure your child's space is unique, creative and always changing!"

- West Coast Families Magazine

 "Mixable Murals doesn’t skip on the quality of products used to create their inspiring masterpieces. I can feel confident that these murals will be safe for my children to play with."

- Megan Ross 'Full Lives Flat Broke' 


How can you get one?

Launching soon on Kickstarter.

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