Non toxic Wall Art Activity Kits for Your Kids

See the joy in your child's face as they bring their walls to life. 

Encourage creativity in a new way. 


    "I can see why these are so popular."

    - Guy Mathew (Dad of twin 4 year old boys and 2 year old girl)



    The Characters

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    New to Mixable Murals?

    Mixable Murals are non toxic fabric shapes that can be posed and arranged on your child's wall over and over again to create unique and original murals.



    Think 'Choose Your Own Adventure' For Your Child's Wall.





     What people are saying...

    "Highly recommended!"

    - Dr.Jenn Neilson from


    "Mixable Murals doesn’t skip on the quality of products used to create their inspiring masterpieces. I can feel confident that these murals will be safe for my children to play with."

    - Megan Ross 'Full Lives Flat Broke'  review
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    "With fun colours, shapes and non-toxic materials, these moveable animal shapes ensure your child's space is unique, creative and always changing!"

    - West Coast Families Magazine 


    The need for creativity is there...

    "Researchers who have tracked children’s creativity for 50 years are seeing a significant decrease in creativity among children for the first time, especially younger children from kindergarten through sixth grade." (1)

    - Newsweek 'The Creativity Crisis'

    (1) Kyung Hee Kim (2011). The Creativity Crisis: The decrease in creative thinking scores on the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking. Creativity Research Journal.



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