Creativity rules the world!

That's right. Creativity and intelligence go hand in hand. Creative intelligence has the ability to touch every aspect of our lives and professions. And it often does.


Creative people invent, problem-solve, create, innovate and communicate in new ways.


Every business values and requires people with creative intelligence. Creative thinkers bring ideas and innovation and are able will raise the organization above the competition.


Everyone is naturally creative.


The fortunate people are those who have their imaginations and creative abilities nurtured and encouraged when they are children. There are a lot of reasons why encouraging imagination and creative play is important.


Creative family activities lead to......

 Imagination: the ability to conjure in our minds something not yet present to our senses.

 Curiosity: the desire to look into and understand things, which leads to a love of learning.

 Self-expression: the confidence to express our personality. Where would we be without it? Creativity gives a wider range of possibilities to our expression.

 Elaboration: the ability to extend and expand ideas and finding new ways of doing old things.

 Divergent Thinking: the ability to think of many solutions to a single problem.

 Creative Fluency: the ability to produce different original ideas.

 Flexible Thinking Skills: the ability to develop solutions from a number of different sides or perspectives.

 Innovative Thinking Skills: the ability to have new ideas and put creative ideas into practice.

 Communication Skills: the ability to express yourself clearly, confidently and in depth.

 Originality: the ability to have a new and novel ideas and thoughts.

 Self Esteem: Creating something comes with the feeling of success which gives a positive sense of your own abilities  and   self-worth.


And what are the consequences to a lack of creativity?

Dull and lackluster professional performance resulting from the lack of imagination and problem solving abilities. The inability to have original thoughts or expand and clarify on ideas and thoughts.  And the inability to imagine and anticipate future events resulting in resistance to change.

The children of today face a world of rapidly evolving technologies, ever-shifting global economies, and far reaching environmental challenges.


According to UNESCO

(United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)

"The encouragement of creativity from an early age is one of the best guarantees of growth in a healthy environment of self-esteem and mutual respect which are critical ingredients for building a culture of peace."

The challenge then is to develop those creative abilities that will be essential in the world of tomorrow.


Some easy ways you can nourish creativity.


 Keep plenty of things around for the kids to draw with, make music with, build with, and express themselves with.

 Dedicate an area in your home for creative play.

 Make creative play a positive family habit every day.

 Dedicate a space for creative play

 Let your children to decorate the space themselves and fill it with all kinds of creative materials (crayons, paper, finger paints, costumes and so on....)


Encourage their efforts and allow experimentation in a 'no stress' environment.


By making creativity a part of your everyday play with your children you are setting them on the right path to a lifelong love of creating, curiosity and learning.

You never know...they may change the world with a single thought.