Creative Activities For Kids

Everybody benefits when the whole family gets together for creative fun.

Let's look at some fun ways you can bring more creativity to your family.


Make sure the child feels part of the activity no matter what the age.

Encourage older children to try it themselves.

Keep the process flexible.

Invite experimentation and imagination.

Explain that if they don't like what they made they can always try again.

Remember to place and store your Mixable Mural out of the reach of small children. Small pieces may cause a choking hazard.


Ages 1 and 2

  Move and re-pose the characters around the nursery and tell stories. Take the little one for a regular tour around their room and introduce their new friends.

 When it's time for a nap or time for bed, replace the characters eyes from open to closed. And encourage the child to do the same.

 Simply make the room beautiful. Fill it with love.


Ages 3 to 5

 Stories, stories, and more stories. Tell stories that bring your walls to life.

 Play hide and seek with the characters. Assemble the Mixable Murals in odd places and make a game of finding them with your children.

 Ask open ended questions and questions then ask the child's opinion.

 As time passes and you live with you Mixable Mural make very subtle changes an then challenge you children to tell you how the character has changed.

  When assembling your Mixable Mural ask your children what they piece comes next. Encourage their help in the process.

 Ask your children to tell you what their characters are thinking at that moment.


Age 6 and Up

  Encourage the appreciation of nature by encouraging your children to learn more about their characters and the natural world.

 Encourage your children to ask questions about the animals and engage their curiosity.

 Ask 'What if?' questions that stretch their imaginations. "What if we tried this....?"

 Ask them specific questions about their characters.

  Ask them to tell you a story. Take turns inventing parts of the story. Go back and forth.

 When assembling your Mixable Mural ask them what's missing from the character or scene. Let them fill the blank.


When your kids show you their creations be positive and appreciate their efforts. They will be proud of what they invent.

Let them hear you praising their creative efforts to family and friends.


The ages mentioned are just suggestions.The goal is to engage young imaginations, have fun, and enjoy your time together.

Dedicate a time of day for regular creative play.

Dedicate a space in your home for creativity. Make creative play a positive habit every day.

Encourage the children to decorate the space themselves and fill it with creative materials (crayons, paper, finger paints, costumes etc.)


Set them on the path to a lifelong love of inventing and creating. You never know what might happen.