Children's Hospital Application


My name is Bryce.

I am a long time freelance graphic artist, painter and enthusiastic evangelist of creativity. 

Welcome to Mixable Murals.

Mixable Murals are colourful non-toxic fabric shapes that can be posed and arranged on your  wall over and over again to create unique and original murals. Over and over. Again and again.

  • Custom designs available for specific hospital environments and themes
  • Made in BC
  • Non Toxic
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Suitable for any smooth surface eg, glass, mirrors, tabletops, etc,






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    What people are saying about Mixable Murals.

    "With fun colours, shapes and non-toxic materials, these moveable animal shapes ensure your child's space is unique, creative and always changing!"

    - West Coast Families Magazine

     "Highly recommended!"

    - Dr. Jenn Neilson from

    "Mixable Murals is an amazing product! Not only is it fun and creative but it's safe because Bryce chose to use non-toxic materials to create his product. It's fun for kids of all ages including big(adult) kids.Thanks Bryce for creating something very special!"

    -RosaLee Rundvall - on Kickstarter

     "I love my Monkey Murals!!!  Easy to put on and peel off to re-arrange. And my 3 year old great-nephew also loves the trucks that were custom designed for him...can't wait to get some more for my new friend's kids."

    - Philippa Leela Joy - on Facebook

     "I just received mm Mixable Murals order. What a beautiful product! I'm so excited and can't wait to see how they look in my grand-daughters room in Australia. I know she will have fun with these for years to come!"

    - Bea Carlson - on Facebook

     "Mixable murals are a wonderful, creative toy. Our three year old granddaughter enjoys them with our help."

    - Sharon Rowa - on Facebook

     "My grandson has the turtles & puts them to sleep each night & wakes them up each morning."

    - Norma Davidson - on Facebook

     "Just put up monkeys and it was so easy and the room looks so great. The room has gone from looking like an office with a crib to a child's bedroom in just a few minutes. Thanks Bryce this was so easy."

    - Bev Goldstone‎ - on Facebook

     "My family and I first intended to make a pledge to help support an amazing idea. The video we saw online was great but to experience our daughter excitement when working with this product is truly amazing. After receiving our Mixable Mural wall art it quickly became a large part of our daughters life, inventing new and fun animal creations that were of her own imagination. Soon we moved our little animal farm into our home daycare for all our extended family to explore and learn together. This is a wonderful product. Thank you so much Bryce your Mixable Murals are a fantastically imaginative artistic learning tool. We wish you much success."

    - Patrick Montana - on Kickstarter

     "We Love your Non Toxic Mixable Murals! Holly loves her mommy and baby Cows. Reid and her have been creating a lot with them lately. Making them sad and happy...awake and sleepy:) Great Work!!"

    - Barbara Carpenter - on Facebook

     "Love your work."

    - Grant Ward‎ - on Facebook

     "Mixable Murals doesn’t skip on the quality of products used to create their inspiring masterpieces. I can feel confident that these murals will be safe for my children to play with."

    - Megan Ross 'Full Lives Flat Broke'  review

     "Our daughter loves her giraffes, points and smiles at then every morning when she wakes up! Thank you!"

    - Gina Ho

     "I wish my kids were younger, because I can easily see myself going wild with these! ;) I ended up buying some monkeys for a friend of mine who is about to have a baby, and they will make a great addition to the nursery!"

    - Lindsay Galloway - on Kickstarter



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