About Us


Island Pine Design specializes in non-toxic recyclable products that encourage imagination and creativity.

Island Pine Design, the home of Mixable Murals, was founded by Bryce Willushaw in 2014. Bryce is a lifelong painter, digital artist, designer and proud Uncle.

With the media buzzing about our children losing creative abilities to passive media consumption and the increase of evidence pointing to the importance of creative intelligence; we at Island Pine have taken up the challenge to do what we can to stem the tide of creative decline.

At Island Pine Design we are committed to providing the very best in creative items for creative families. Families wanting to instill in their children a strong creative intelligence and a lifelong love of creating.

Our designers are working hard to ensure that every Mixable Mural is designed for maximum versatility and endless creative possibilities.


At Island Pine Design, we believe being "responsible" means doing what is right for everyone.

All of our products are made with PVC free materials and are printed with 'green' non-toxic UV inks naturally derived from renewable resources such as plants or biomass.

Which means; you can sleep well at night knowing there will be no volatile organic compounds (VOC's) polluting the air the people you love breathe every day.

Mixable Murals production involves the latest techniques using UV printers and UV inks. This allows for direct-to-substrate production which reduces the amount of garbage produced during manufacturing.

What little waste is produced during production isn't considered 'hazardous' under US waste regulations. (RCRA).


To help us to provide the most amazing products for you and your family we have assembled a caring council of Moms, Dads and Aunts and Grandparents to help on The Mixable Mural Advisory Board.


The Mixable Murals Advisory Board includes:

 Paula Carpenter - Aunty

 Tara Carpenter - Mom of 3 year old

 Barb Carpenter - Mom and Grandmother

 Norma Poole - Mom and Grandparent


 Doreen Willushaw - Mom and Grandparent

 Richard Smythe - Dad and Grandparent

Danica Venables - Mom of a 1 year old

 Ty and Mel W. - Parents of a 4 year old


These fine people have all given their love and time to the process of developing Mixable Murals into the amazing product that it is. And for that contribution, they have earned the heartfelt gratitude of all of us here at Island Pine Design.


Whether it's down on the farm or a visit to the savannah, Island Pine Design is passionate about helping parents raise creatively vibrant children who will grow to be inspired, creative adults.

Thanks for reading,